Natural catch speices are brown trout, pike perch, pike, perch, whitefish, vendace, smelt, bream, white bream, ide and burbot.   Stocked catch speices are freshwater salmon and brown trout.  

Allowed fishing methods are spinning, fly fishing and trolling. Available services are launching place for boats and fireplace.

Lake Keitele is the second largest lake in central Finland. It begins from Viitasaari and ends to äänekoski. The quality of water is excellent and water is clear. The area of lake Keitele on the side of Viitasaari also belongs to the fishing ground. The town of Viitasaari divides lake Pohjois-Keitele in two parts. Ylä-Keitele consists of Pihkurinselkä and Paanalanselkä, which are both deep and have only few islands. There are plenty of vendace in the lake and, which means that lake trout inhabit the same area.The best time to fish lake trout is in the evening when vendace come to the surface. There are many trawlers on Pihkuriselkä. You can fish pike near the rushes of the lake. On the east side of the northern part of lake Keitele there are many open lakes of which the largest one is Kokkoselkä. The waterway of the rapid Kärnänkoski empties in the north into lake Keitele. In the east there is the long and bay which is an excellent place to catch pike. There are many fishy ranges of rocks on the open lakes and there are a lot of trout. There are buoys on lake Keitele. It is possible to get old charts of the area, but you have to be careful with them, since the depths have been written down using the non-metric system. New charts should be available in the near future. There are a lot of excellent harbours and places for having a brake on lake Pohjois-Keitele and all of them are equipped with lean-ons. There are also many launching places for boats. Lake Muuruejärvi is big and it is situated in wilderness between the rapids Huopanankoski and Keihärinkoski. The depth of the lake varies a lot. Therefore, you should have map with depth contour lines and also an echo sounder if possible. It is possible to catch lake trout and pike perch on the open lake. There are rushes near the shores of lake Muuruejärvi and they are excellent places to fish. Due to its excellent location, lake Muuruejärvi will be developed into a first-class trolling lake with the help of fish plantings and catch limitations. A launching place for boats was built at Koivusalmi in the summer of 1999. There are also fireplaces with lean-ons at the lake.

Hydrology - Fishing ground of Pohjois-Keitele

Area  0 ha  ()
Mean depth  0 m  (Syvyydet löytyvät merikortista, Muuruejärven syvyydet löytyvät peruskartasta.)

Fishing Licenses Fishing ground of Pohjois-Keitele

Season:Whole year 
Price Duration / Catch quota
Licensegroup: Fishing Method: All All
15 €Week / No catch quota Henkilökohtainen lupa ei vaparajoituksia
50 €Season / No catch quota Henkilökohtainen lupa ei vaparajoituksia
18-64-years old fisherman has to purchase also personal National fishing management fee Fee: 47 € for the calendar year 2023 or 15 € for seven days or 6 € for one day.

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Places to pay the permit Fishing ground of Pohjois-Keitele

Keiteleen kalatalousalue


Fishing Rules Fishing ground of Pohjois-Keitele

Lupa on henkilökohtainen. Ei vapamäärärajoituksia.

Fishing Methods

Spinning, fly fishing and trolling.

Catch Sizes and Closed Seasons

It is prohibited to take a fish that is smaller than the minimum size and bigger than the maximum size. A fish that does not meet the limits for the catch size must be immediately released back to water.

Catch Sizes and Closed Seasons

Brown trout 50 cm,  Freshwater Salmon 60 cm,  Grayling 35 cm,  Pike Perch 42 cm

General Catch Sizes and Closed Seasons (Finland Fishing Act)

Brown Trout Minimum Lenght cm
With adipose fin South of 64º00N latitude
Show Latitude
With adipose fin 64º00N - 67º00N välissä olevissa sisävesissä cm
Show Latitude
Without adipose fin North of 67º00N latitude cm
Without adipose fin cm
River and Brook
Grayling Minimum Lenght cm
South of 67º00N Latitude cm
Show Latitude
North of 67º00N Latitude cm
South of 67º00N
Freshwater Salmon Minimum Lenght cm
Vuoksi and Hiitolanjoki drainage system
Rivers and brooks .
Salmon Minimum Lenght cm
North of 63º30 N Latitude Bay of Bothnia cm
Show Latitude
River and Brook .
Pike Perch Minimum Lenght cm
Finland cm
Char Minimum Lenght cm
Lake Inarinjärvi cm
Vuoksi drainage area cm
Lake Kuolimo and Saimaa between Puumalansalmi and Vuoksenniska and Vuoksi drainage system area .
Whitefish Minimum Lenght cm
River and brook that empties to sea
Lamprey Minimum Lenght cm
Crayfish Minimum Lenght cm
Jokirapu, täplärapu ja kapeasaksirapu (Astacus leptodactylus)
Rainbow Trout and other Fish Speices Minimum Lenght cm


Fishing ground of Pohjois-Keitele Videos

Fishing ground of Pohjois-Keitele Fish Stockings

Pohjois-Keiteleen viehekalastusalue fish stockings


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Fishing ground of Pohjois-Keitele Pictures

Saat kuvat käyttöösi kirjautumalla sivuille

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Fishing ground of Pohjois-Keitele Maps and Driving Directions


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Weather, Sun and Moon rise and set

Weather, Sun and Moon rise and set

Associated Lakes

Ylä-Keitele 7919 ha
Muuruejärvi 2534 ha

Special fishing areas nearby Pohjois-Keiteleen viehekalastusalue

Fishing ground of Pohjois-Keitele 0 km
15€/viikko 50€/kausi
Lohiappaa 1 km
18€/24 tuntia
Koko Keiteleen lupa 3 km
Kymönkoski Rapids 7 km
Viitasaari Area 255 ha
25€/6 tuntia 30€/12 tuntia 40€/vrk
Kellankoski Rapids 11 km
Viitasaari Area 290 ha
25€/6 tuntia 30€/12 tuntia 40€/vrk
Kärnänkoski Rapids 12 km
Viitasaari Area 940 ha
25€/6 tuntia 30€/12 tuntia 40€/vrk
Myllyjoki Viitasaari 12 km
Viitasaari Area 800 ha
17€/12 tuntia
Kyrönpuro Rapids 13 km
Viitasaari Area 1250 ha

Lakes nearby Pohjois-Keiteleen viehekalastusalue

Big Lakes:

All Lakes nearby:

Fishing Guides

Erä`s Pete / Petri Korhonen  

Cottages Pohjois-Keiteleen viehekalastusalue

Cottage Viitasaari Kärnänkoski Eerikkälä golf Sahis
Kärnänkosken mökki
6+2 henk 100m2
alk. 670
/week/cottage 12 km 
Cottage Viitasaari Suotajärvi Myllyjoki Viitasaari Eerikkälä golf Sahis
Suovanlahden hirsihuvila
6 henk 56m2
alk. 420
/week/cottage 15 km 
Cottage Viitasaari Vuosjärvi Huopanankoski Eerikkälä golf Sahis
8+4 henk 80m2
alk. 600
/week/cottage 18 km 
Cottage Viitasaari Muuruejärvi Keihärinkoski St. Lake Golf Club Sahis
Huopanan hirsihuvila
5 henk 39m2
alk. 390
/week/cottage 22 km 
Cottage Kannonkoski Kivijärvi Viivajoki Sahis
Mäntyranta I,II
6+2 henk 96m2
alk. 460-730
/week/cottage 34 km 
Cottage Kannonkoski Kivijärvi Viivajoki Sahis
4 henk 25m2
alk. 330-500
/week/cottage 34 km 
Cottage Kinnula Kivijärvi Myllyjoki St. Lake Golf Club Sahis
6+1 henk 50m2
alk. 400-550
/week/cottage 42 km 
Cottage Kinnula MArkojärvi Myllyjoki St. Lake Golf Club Sahis
8+2 henk 100m2
alk. 600-650
/week/cottage 43 km 
Cottage Kinnula Markojärvi Myllyjoki St. Lake Golf Club Sahis
6+2 henk 67m2
alk. 450-550
/week/cottage 43 km 
Cottage Konnevesi Konnevesi Siikakoski Revontuli Golf Häkärinteet
9 henk 110m2
alk. 590-865
/week/cottage 58 km 
Cottage Konnevesi Konnevesi Siikakoski Revontuli Golf Häkärinteet
9 henk 110m2
alk. 590-865
/week/cottage 58 km 
Cottage Konnevesi Konnevesi Siikakoski Revontuli Golf Häkärinteet
9 henk 110m2
alk. 590-865
/week/cottage 58 km 
Cottage Konnevesi Konnevesi Siikakoski Revontuli Golf Häkärinteet
5 henk 40m2
alk. 400-515
/week/cottage 58 km 
Cottage Äänekoski Kuhnamo Luijankoski Laukaan Peurunkagolf Laajavuori Laajis
Ristilahden lomamökki
10 henk 120m2
alk. 500
/week/cottage 59 km 
Cottage Saarijärvi Heijostenkoski Heijostenkoski Ähtärin Golf Paavonrinteet
10+6 henk 200m2
alk. 650-750
/week/cottage 61 km 


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